Vidatox Phase 1Stage one and growing tumors

Here we see the cancer cells, which multiply rapidly and form a tumor that grows progressively into normal tissues. With the growth of the tumor, there is an increase of pressure on the surrounding nerves causing from mild to unbearable pain. As in normal tissue, the tumor is nourished by blood vessels to grow. This process is called angiogenesis.

Vidatox Phase 2 Phase 2 vidatox stimulates and strengthens immune system

Venom binds to tumor cells and blocks tumor angiogenesis that supplies the tumor with the needed nutrients.  VIDATOX also stimulates and strengthens the immune system.


Vidatox Phase 3phase 3 and the healing effects

The figure above shows the healing effects that the immune system is capable of doing if properly stimulated. Studies show a significant stimulation of the Immune System on experimental animals and in patients who have used the venom. There is a significant increase in white blood cells and other cells responsible for defending the immunity. In other words, the studies indicate that the venom contains substances that are effective in stimulating the immune system and other substances that act as anti-inflammatory and painkiller.

Testimonials The following testimonials are on Vidatox Cancer Medication Henry Result of my recent scan show that the Primary tumor in my lungs has either disappeared or has shrunk to a size not worthy of mention, I have no doubt due to the Vidatox. Unfortunately, due to the cancer having spreading previously, the battle is still on to clear those area's as well. Prognosis is a lot more prositve. Lisa
I am happy to say that Vidatox is helping. My patient has uterine growths,(fibroid tumors) and cervical changes that are decreasing. She has had less bleeding and her belly is not as bloated as before. She also has more energy.
Thank you.
These were the words with which Luciano Lacovino and his wife Angela Guarino defined the effects of Vidatox 30 CH in their last visit to Labiofam S.A in July 2011. “It gave me back the energy and desire to live. The pleasure of feeling well”.

Luciano Lacovino

Patient diagnosed with 12 tumors on the vocal cords since 2008, which were operated on time and with the application of conventional treatment. The patient started his treatment with Vidatox and thereafter began to regain weight, strength, and energy. The treatment stabilized his blood pressure while prevented metastasis, according to statements by Luciano himself.

Angela Guarino

Lecturer in Teaching of Psychology and Health Development, with 10 years of symptoms of fever, pain, mental confusion, and abstinence, which worsened from April to October. … “This syndrome made me sleepy, took away the strength to work, and prevented me from developing a normal life.” After 4 months of treatment with Vidatox 30 CH, the patient informed that in the first month all symptoms had disappeared. Testimony by Teodoro Wiedemer Teodoro, a 79-year-old patient, diagnosed with a head-pancreas tumor in March 2010. He had two stents placed to help his biliary ducts drain and from the first moment received the homeopathic Cuban product Vidatox 30CH as a sole treatment, with a dose of 5 drops every 8 hours. According to the patient’s words: By taking Vidatox 30CH I felt more energy in the body, with positive reactions, as I was taking the drops I felt an improvement that increased with time, without noticing any side effect and without taking any other medication……thanks to this treatment…… I do my usual activities, such as gardening, last month I even trimmed a tall palm tree and I used a ladder that was about three meters high. I also do some metallurgical work preparing pumps and valves. I help at home; go to the bank to withdraw money and to other places. …… I do everything for fun or for personal pleasure; if a neighbor needs help I can give it … … well, nothing more……